CONNEX for Regions & States

Connect the Manufacturers in Your Area. Grow Their Business.

Are you a state or regional organization that wants to increase manufacturing in your area? Every day, buyers in your community are searching for manufacturers, so why not connect them with local manufacturers first? It’s a win-win!

CONNEX is an innovative, national platform with a searchable supplier database that can connect local manufacturers with buyers.  It is sponsored by, and was built in collaboration with, the National Manufacturers Association with the objective to strengthen U.S. manufacturing by providing a platform where users, large and small, have access to the right supplier or manufacturer.

The database contains in-depth information on a broad scale, along with specific search functions such as: processes, certifications, equipment, capacity, SBA distinctions, material types, and more.

With this information in hand, you will have the ability to grow your state, by knowing the capabilities of manufacturing companies in your area along with local buyers who need their services. With this information, you can help connect more local buyers and manufacturers with each other and help grow your local manufacturing economy!

Learn how to get started with CONNEX in your area by clicking the link below.