We are excited to meet with you at the upcoming MEP Best Practices Conference and discuss how CONNEX Marketplace is helping MEP’s make an impact across the country! Please book a meetup time with us below. (NOTE: Viewing and editing the calendar works best on a computer screen rather than a mobile device)

Scheduling Instructions:

    1. Click the button below to edit the sheet and add your company name & number of attendees into the desired time-slot.
    2. When you add your time to the spreadsheet, it will automatically update so you can simply close the spreadsheet window when you’re done. (Note: the calendar that displays on this main page only updates every 5 minutes so you may not see your appointment on this page.  However, as long as you see it on the editable version that appears after clicking the button, then your reservation has been made!)
    3. At your scheduled time, meet us at the Ohio Room on the 5th floor of the hotel. We will also send you an email reminder about your appointment.