Announcing the New Connex Marketplace


As a manufacturer or supplier, you are likely familiar with the Manufacturers Marketplace platform, a cloud-based Industry 4.0 platform that connects all U.S. manufacturers and suppliers into a single, accurate, searchable supply-chain database. This platform solves many of the current supply chain issues by intelligently connecting small manufacturers and suppliers to large primes, OEM’s and government buyers based on deep data such as equipment, certifications, capabilities and more. Manufacturers and suppliers can quickly post and respond to needs, visualize supply chain risk, search for qualified suppliers and instantly discover new business opportunities.

Building on the tremendous success of Manufacturers Marketplace we are excited to announce a new version of this platform coming March 30th, 2022 that will include many new and improved features to better assist and support you! Please see the FAQ’s below to answer many of the questions you may have about this new platform:

Why a New Version?

You may not know it, but there are currently two separate platforms for manufacturers. The first is the CONNEX Marketplace platform used specifically within certain states for searching and connecting with state manufacturers and suppliers.  The second is called Manufacturers Marketplace which is a national platform used to search and connect with manufactures and suppliers across the country.  We have been working closely with the platform developers to combine the two platforms into one and provide a better experience for all users. The new single platform will be simple and more effective for users to find what they are looking for and searching between state and national databases will be seamless. The new version also allows for greater scalability to add more features and enhancements in the near future. 

We have been working closely with the platform developers to combine the two platforms into one and provide a better experience for CONNEX state users. The upgraded single platform will include a new layout that offers manufacturers, who use both systems, a seamless navigation between state and national searches, while also allowing them to update their profile in only one location rather than in both systems.  

The upgraded version has also been redesigned to bring you new features, tools and enhancements in the near future.  

Will the New Version Have a Different Name?

Yes, the the new version will be called “CONNEX Marketplace” instead of Manufacturers Marketplace.

What New Features Will be Included & How Will They Benefit the Various Users?

The new CONNEX Marketplace will include new and improved features such as:

  • Improved user interface with easier and more intuitive navigation
  • State and national manufacturer searches combined into one single platform. This means that manufacturers and suppliers will only need to enter their data in one single location and it will be automatically populated across the state and national databases.  
  • New supply chain management tools such as supplier visualization, tracking of potential suppliers, supplier risk notifications, supplier blacklist alerts and more. 
  • Simple and advanced searching of both Organizations and the Exchange Center.
  • Organization Profile management
  • Exchange Center listings management (postings, notifications, responses, etc.)
  • Supplier Scouting within the Exchange Center
  • User management within your profile
  • New Administrative tools (based on your user account permissions)
  • An upgrade to all backend code for unlimited scalability and growth.
  • Robust search and filter features to find any manufacturer or supplier based on their location, capabilities, equipment, certifications and more.
  • More developed engagement with the R&D community
When Will the New Version Launch?

The new CONNEX Marketplace platform will launch March 30th, 2022. See below for more information on the transition process details.

Will There Be Any Downtime or Outages?

Yes, there will be a few minor interruptions to the current system.  Here are the details:

  • New Data Freeze: Beginning March 18th, 6:00 pm (MT) there will be a new data freeze.  Updates to your profile and other properties will not be saved as we begin implementing upgrades to the platform. If you choose to make any changes between March 18th and 30th, they will not appear in the updated system and will need to be manually added to your profile on the 30th.
  • Planned Downtime: The complete system will be down for two (2) days on March 28th and 29th prior to the new system going live on March 30th. 
What Do I Need to Do to Prepare for the Update?

Nothing! Your account and data will automatically transfer to the new platform. Current subscriptions will not be affected, including promotions and free trials that you may have subscribed to. All of the heavy lifting will be done by us and the development team.

Will the New Version Have a Different Name?

Yes, the platform will be called CONNEX Marketplace, rather than Manufacturers Marketplace.

Will There Be Any Changes to the Login Process?

Yes, there will be a few changes to the login process:

First, to reduce issues related to having similar usernames across the new nationally integrated platform, you will now use the email address associated with your profile as your username.

Second, because we highly value the security of your data, we cannot access your encrypted password and therefore your password will remain the same. If you have forgotten your password, there will be a link to reset your password.

Finally, the platform will have a new domain name. The old Manufacturers Marketplace URL will automatically redirect to the new domain after March 30th. 

Will My Cost Change with the New Platform?

No.  Whatever access you were paying for in the old platform will remain the same.

Will My Current Discount Codes for National Access Still Work With the New Platform?

Yes, if it has already been applied (meaning you redeemed it), it will still work.  However, if you try to redeem it after the new platform is launched, it will not work.

Are There Any Security Changes to the Upgraded Platform?

Yes, data security is always a top priority!  CONNEX Marketplace is built with security enhancements on a newer architecture designed with future cybersecurity challenges in mind.  Your data will continue to be encrypted both at rest and in transit.  No one outside of your organization will be able to see your confidential information without your express permission.  As such, we are committed to continuously upgrading our platform with a focus on cybersecurity.

Who Do We Contact if We Have Questions?

For questions, please reach out to David Smart ( or Rosie (