Announcing the New Connex Marketplace


CONNEX is an online platform that is used to connect your state’s manufacturing supply chain and bring more manufacturing business opportunities to your state’s manufacturers and suppliers.

Building on tremendous success, we are excited to announce that a platform upgrade is coming March 30th, 2022!  This newly redesigned system will offer an improved user experience and make it even easier for manufacturers to connect with in-state suppliers, access the national CONNEX Marketplace, and attract more local and national attention to your state’s manufacturers and suppliers. 

Please see the FAQs and video below for more information about the coming changes:

Why an Upgrade and What Will be Updated?

Currently, your state’s manufacturers are able to search for only local suppliers within the CONNEX state level platform. When they want to expand their search to other states, they’ve had to search in a separate platform known as the Manufacturers Marketplace.  

We have been working closely with the platform developers to combine the two platforms into one and provide a better experience for CONNEX state users. The upgraded single platform will include a new layout that offers manufacturers, who use both systems, a seamless navigation between state and national searches, while also allowing them to update their profile in only one location rather than in both systems.  

The upgraded version has also been redesigned to bring you new features, tools and enhancements in the near future.  

What New Features Will be Included & How Will They Benefit My Business?

The upgraded CONNEX State platform will include new features such as:

  • Improved user interface with easier and more intuitive navigation
  • A single combined platform. Manufacturers who are currently using both CONNEX State and the national Manufacturers Marketplace for supplier searches will now be able to search locally and nationally in one platform. 
  • A single location to enter profile data.  Manufacturers using both CONNEX State and the national Manufacturers Marketplace will only need to enter their data into one location. From there it will populate both the local and national databases.    
  • Access to see and respond to manufacturers needs in other states all within a single platform (*with national access subscription)
  • Improved Exchange Center listings management (postings, notifications, responses, etc.)
  • Improved supply chain visualization tools 
  • Added R&D functionality to facilitate collaboration between industry and researchers 
When Will the New Version Launch?

The upgrades will be implemented within CONNEX on March 30, 2022.

Will There be Any Downtime or Outages?

Yes, there will be a few minor interruptions to the current system.  Here are the details:

  • New Data Freeze: Beginning March 18th, 6:00 pm (MT) there will be a new data freeze.  Updates to your profile and other properties will not be saved as we begin implementing upgrades to the platform. If you choose to make any changes between March 18th and 30th, they will not appear in the updated system and will need to be manually added to your profile on the 30th.
  • Planned Downtime: The complete system will be down for two (2) days on March 28th and 29th prior to the new system going live on March 30th. 
What Do I Need to Do to Prepare for the Update?

Nothing! Your account and data will automatically transfer to the new platform. Current subscriptions will not be affected, including promotions and free trials that you may have subscribed to. All of the heavy lifting will be done by us and the development team. 

Will the New Version Have a Different Name?

If you reside in a state where CONNEX has been installed, your state will still refer to it as CONNEX (State name).  Outside of your state, it will likely be referred to as CONNEX Marketplace. However, both names refer to the same platform.

Will there be any Changes to the Login Process?

Yes, you will see three changes to the login process. First to reduce issues related to having similar usernames across the new nationally integrated platform, you will now use the email address associated with your profile as your username.

Second, because we highly value the security of your data, we cannot access your encrypted password and therefore your password will remain the same. If you have forgotten your password, there will be a link to reset your password.

Finally, your CONNEX state site will have a new domain name. The old URL will automatically redirect to the new domain after March 30th. 

Will there be new charges with the upgraded platform?

No. CONNEX will remain free to state manufacturers and suppliers. If you had previously subscribed to the national Manufacturers Marketplace (either paid or via a promotion) your national access will remain intact in the upgraded system.

Will My Current Discount Codes for National Access Still Work With the New Platform?

Yes, if you subscribed to the national Manufacturers Marketplace platform through a state promotion, or used another discount code, your discount will remain intact throughout the life of the promotion. 

Will There be More Upgrades Coming Soon to CONNEX?

Yes! Some of the new features coming soon will be: 

  • A service provider portal for manufacturers to find non-manufacturing services such as legal, consulting and technology providers (Note: Service providers will NOT be able to search for, or have access to, Manufacturer’s profile data.)
  • Workforce portal to better connect you with workforce resources 
  • Dashboard views of your most relevant features
  • Additional supply chain enhancements such as risk analysis
  • And more!
Will I Still be Able to Expand My Supplier Search to the National Database in the Updated System?

Yes. Because the platform has been updated to seamlessly integrate both state and national access, if you are currently subscribed to national access, or if you become a new subscriber, you will see both state and national suppliers in your search results. If you are not subscribed to the national access functionality of your CONNEX State implementation, you will only see results from within the state. For more information about subscribing to national access, please see below.   

How do I subscribe to national access functionality in the updated system?

National access requires a subscription upgrade by an admin user within your company profile.  This is typically a $500 annual fee (per company, per location) however, many times there are promotions offered through our state. If you are already subscribed, either through a promotion or paid subscription, your national access will remain the same in the upgraded system.  If you would like to become a new subscriber to national access, you can upgrade the subscription for your organization at any time. 

Are there security changes in the new system?

Yes, data security is always a top priority!  CONNEX Marketplace is built with security enhancements on a newer architecture designed with future cybersecurity challenges in mind.  Your data will continue to be encrypted both at rest and in transit.  No one outside of your organization will be able to see your confidential information without your express permission.  As such, we are committed to continuously upgrading our platform with a focus on cybersecurity.

Will State Partners Still Have Access to My Profile to Help Me Keep it Updated?

Yes, with your permission. If you are in a state where CONNEX has been installed, the sponsoring organization is able to provide you support so you get the most out of the platform. If you grant them permission, they can help you build and maintain your profile, assist with exchange center postings, and more. To receive this assistance, simply you will need to add your state contact to your profile through your Profile User Access settings.  To find out who your state contact is, please visit your state’s CONNEX website:

CONNEX Oklahoma
CONNEX Missouri
CONNEX Florida
CONNEX Michigan

Who Do I Contact For Support

If you are using CONNEX as a national subscriber, and are not within a state where CONNEX is installed, please reach out to support at:  

If you reside withing a state where CONNEX has been installed, please visit your state’s CONNEX website to find their contact information:

CONNEX Oklahoma
CONNEX Missouri
CONNEX Florida
CONNEX Michigan