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Over 10 years ago, CONNEX Marketplace technology was developed by i5 Services to connect the U.S. manufacturing supply chain. It may not have seemed as critical back then, but with the recent COVID pandemic, it is more critical than ever to quickly find U.S. manufacturers based on their manufacturing capabilities.

Our first CONNEX solution was built in the state of Utah. It was built in response to an economic development study which concluded that great economic advantages such as jobs and local economy revenue, come when manufacturing is sourced locally.

After this study, we met with many manufacturers (large and small) from all regions of the state). We asked them why current local-sourcing solutions were not solving their problems. We gathered a lot of data and discovered many pain-points along the way.

From our interviews, we quickly learned that a major problem for buyers and manufactures is the ability to find and connect with manufacturers based on what they do (manufacturing processes), not just what they produce.

For example, if a buyer searches for a plastic chair manufacturer on Google, ThomasNet, MFG.com, and others, they will certainly get a long list of results.  However, those results will not provide valuable data such as which one is a woman-owned plastic injection molding company that uses specific equipment and operates within their state.

Seeing the tremendous industry need, we set out to build a solution. We built an initial database of all the manufacturers in the state and taxonomically categorized them by thousands of data points based upon their capabilities.

When the platform was ready to go, we experienced success on the very first search we ran. It was for a large manufacturer who had been searching everywhere across the state for a supplier that met the exact certifications, excess capacity, equipment, and processes they required. Within minutes, our technology platform found a qualified supplier just two miles from their facility which did not come up in their traditional search methods. After meeting the manufacturer, and seeing that they were fully qualified, the buyer awarded them a $70M contract.

Based upon this success, and many others, we made the decision to take our technology national and build a database of all U.S. manufacturers and their capabilities. In partnership with the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), America’s largest industry association, and state manufacturing associations across the country, we launched this national platform in 2017 and called it the Manufacturers Marketplace,

In addition, we also partnered with the National Institute of Standards and Technology Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NIST MEP) and state MEPs, to create state-level solutions, branded as CONNEX, which are seamlessly tied to the national solution.

Currently, we are well underway implementing our Marketplace and CONNEX solutions to strengthen U.S. manufacturing. Our solutions are allowing buyers, large and small, to find the perfectly matched manufacturer by what services they provide, their user relationships to one another and hundreds of other data points.  Additionally, the platform is decreasing gaps in the supply chain and helping repurpose and facilitate the donation of valuable materials and equipment to schools and other institutions. All of this tackles one of the biggest industry challenges and thus broadens opportunities for the U.S. to become more competitive globally and diversify into new markets.

Bringing all U.S. manufacturers together under one platform is optimizing supply chains by better connecting material companies, manufacturers, buyers and sellers, thus creating many more business opportunities within the industry and significantly strengthening U.S. manufacturing.

Through our development of this technology platform, its supply chain visualization, risk assessment, and Exchange Center (posting of surplus materials, RFI’s, RFP’s, RFQ’s and other needs) i5 Services has pioneered and created The National Solution for connecting the U.S. manufacturing supply chain.


i5 Services changes industries by solving complex business problems through creative technical solutions.

Founded in 2009, i5 has developed innovative solutions for the aerospace, manufacturing, supply chain, defense industries and more.

i5 Services mission is to create solutions that change industries, drive direct savings to the bottom line and create value for our clients everyday.


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Alan Davis

President and CEO of i5 Services, LLC

Alan Davis is the Founding Member and CEO of i5 Services. For 25 years, he assisted companies like Boral, Walmart, British Airways, RiteAid, and Hertz to improve their bottom-line results. The largest project added $40 million per year directly to the bottom line and deterred over $120 million of loss annually.

Alan started i5 Services with the goal of changing industries through creative technical solutions to complex business problems. His background in technology, along with years of experience in leadership, transformation, process improvement, and business/IT alignment, have helped him excel at implementing solutions that bring about disruptive improvement.




Jeremiah Duck

VP of Information Technology

Jeremiah Duck is the VP of Information Technology at i5 Services. In this role, he is responsible for all aspects of technology, including software development, project management, information systems, technology infrastructure, and IT support. He supports the sales process in a technical capacity for project cost estimation, scoping proposals and statements of work.

Before coming to i5 Services he managed IT systems, software training, customer help desk, and marketing campaigns in higher education at West Texas A&M University, WTAMU Foundation, and the University of Utah.



David Rudd


David Rudd is the CFO of i5 Services. He manages all financial activities, leads Human Resources, and collaborates with the Strategy Team to set goals and implement growth plans. He also manages projects, creates innovative and effective solutions, and coordinates all divisions.

Previously, David had an extensive career in the Financial Sector as CEO, CFO, Sr VP, and Managing Member with companies like Expand Learning Solutions, Pristine Financial Services, Inc., and Information Access Technology. With his financial expertise, he helps organizations save money and monitor operational improvements.


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