CONNEX for Large Manufacturers, OEMs, Primes & Government buyers

Find the Perfect U.S. Manufacturing Supplier, Every Time.

As a buyer, your goal is to quickly find the perfect supplier or to meet your manufacturing needs. With access to 140,000 manufacturers, our CONNEX Marketplace is the one-stop solution for you to accomplish that.

You can also post your needs into CONNEX such as RFI’s, RFP’s, RFQ’s and more.  Qualifying suppliers will then be notified of those needs and can respond to the request. CONNEX vets the applicants and brings you, the buyer, the best match.

In addition, you can request a CONNEXION event to virtually interview qualifying manufacturers and decide who to award the work to. This gives you the ability to connect with manufacturers that you otherwise would not have known about and provides multiple suppliers to choose from, which is critical in today’s world.