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Welcome to the training and tutorial library for CONNEX Marketplace.  Please browse through the tutorials below and also follow our Youtube channel to be notified of any new videos.  If you’re having problems with the platform, please submit a ticket via the help desk button


CONNEX Marketplace Introduction & How it Works

General Overview & Navigation
How to Create a New Account
How to Upgrade Your Account to Include National Access

How to Update a Manufacturer Profile

How to Update a Research (R&D) Profile

How to Update a Workforce Profile

Training Events

New CONNEX Marketplace – First Look Webinar – 03.17.22
“CONNEX eliminates all the homework for us and ensures that we only meet with qualified and capable suppliers. It saves Northrop Grumman a tremendous amount of time.”
Will Loutensock

Director, Supply Chain Management, Northrop Grumman


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