How Parametric Solutions Grew Their Business With CONNEX

The Challenge


Founded in 1993, Parametric Solutions Inc. is a Florida manufacturing company that specializes in designing and building aerospace products.

Recently, Parametric was looking to expand their customer base and obtain new contracts with large Primes/OEMs. However, developing a relationship and obtaining a contract with large Primes & OEMs is often very difficult for small to medium manufactures & suppliers. Many layers must be navigated before they find the right decision maker. Even then, they are usually routed back through the long procurement process which requires countless hours of filling out forms and paperwork.

It often takes years for small suppliers to even be considered as a potential supplier to the “Bigs” and this discourages many small suppliers from even trying. The usual process Parametric followed consisted of slow and expensive approaches such as: attending trade shows, email solicitations, cold-calling, completing qualification forms, general internet searches and more. For Parametric, these activities were expensive, time-consuming and ineffective at trying to get in front of large Primes/OEMs for new contract opportunities.

Lost Time

Countless hours spent at tradeshows and other activities trying to get in front of Prime/OEM decision makers

Labor Costs

Ineffective use of employee time spent on cold-calling and email campaigns with little results


Redundant Paperwork & Forms

Each OEM/Prime require mountains of paperwork and forms to be completed just to get a chance to interview


Significantly reduced Parametric’s business development process and increased contracts!

Contract Prospecting Reduced 75% (from 1-2 years to 6 months)

100 Fold Increase in Visibility to Large Primes/OEMs

Increase of New Contracts Awarded

With the assistance of FloridaMakes and CONNEX Florida, Parametric registered with the CONNEX Marketplace platform. Within the platform, they were immediately notified about an RFI issued by Northrup Grumman who was looking for very specific design/build capabilities which Parametric was perfectly qualified for. They quickly responded, were interviewed and vetted by Northrop Grumman and received their first purchase order soon thereafter.

Using the CONNEX Marketplace Parametric Solutions was able to quickly find Prime/OEM opportunities they were qualified for and respond to their RFIs/RFPs/RFQs.

The results were:

  • A reduction in Parametric’s business development and contract scouting process by 100%. Using CONNEX reduced this process from 1-2 yrs just to 6 months!
  • Facilitated the buyers interview process and allowed them to quickly see and validate Parametric’s capabilities, equipment, certifications and more.
  • Raised Parametric’s visibility with Primes/OEMs by 100 fold and significantly expanded their contract pipeline!

“CONNEX provided us a platform to better market our services and find new contract opportunities. Large aerospace OEMs have discovered our EDM machining capabilities through CONNEX and it’s led to many manufacturing opportunities with them. I would recommend CONNEX to all manufacturers and suppliers!”

Mark Nys

Director, Business Development, Parametric Solutions, Inc.


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