How Northrop Grumman Reduced Significant Supplier Scouting Time Through CONNEX Marketplace

The Challenge

Northrop Grumman’s Space Propulsion Systems facility in Promontory, Utah manufacturers and delivers advanced products to the aerospace and defense industry. Recently, they needed to find new qualified suppliers who could meet requirements and flow-downs established by Northrop Grumman’s Space and Defense customers. Their goal was to increase the base of suppliers who could produce the difficult-to-source parts so that Northrop Grumman could deliver on their contractual commitments.

Using traditional supplier scouting methods, Northrop spent many hours trying to find qualified suppliers, which resulted in:

Lost Time

Countless hours spent searching for and interviewing suppliers who ultimately ended up being unqualified

Labor Costs

Valuable employee resources spent reading through capability statements that were not current or inaccurate.

Incomplete Data

Traditional supplier-scouting platforms contain outdated, inaccurate or siloed data that is difficult to filter


Northrop’s supplier scouting process for qualified suppliers was reduced from months to weeks!

Zero Time Wasted on Unqualified Suppliers

Qualified Suppliers Quickly Identified & Interviewed

RFPs Issued to Qualified Suppliers

Using the CONNEX Marketplace, a cloud-based platform that connects all U.S. Manufacturers into a single, accurate, searchable scouting-database, Northrop Grumman identified and found the most qualified suppliers and setup interviews through the platform. The results were:

  • 26 matching suppliers quickly identified.
  • 25 qualified suppliers interviewed (no time wasted on unqualified suppliers)
  • 15 Suppliers identified as immediately qualified.
  • 8 new suppliers identified (were previously unknown to NG).
  • Able to quickly find “set-aside” suppliers that met Northrop Grumman’s small-diversity qualifications such as: hub-zone, veteran owned, minority owned, women owned, disadvantaged, etc.
  • Significant time and money saved not having to read through capability statements and vet suppliers.
  • 12 RFP’s issued and 1 purchase order made thus far.
  • Supplier scouting process was significantly reduced, from months to weeks.
“CONNEX eliminates all the homework for us and ensures that we only meet with qualified and capable suppliers. It saves Northrop Grumman a tremendous amount of time.”
Will Loutensock

Director, Supply Chain Management, Northrop Grumman


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