2023 National Manufacturing Month – Special Offer

Free “Sourcing Services” package for any manufacturer looking for new U.S. suppliers

In celebration of National Manufacturing Month in October we are offering a free “Sourcing Services” package through the CONNEX Marketplace platform. Any manufacturer that registers for this promotion during October will receive a free “Sourcing Services” package, which means that we will do the work for you within the CONNEX Marketplace platform to help you find a qualified U.S. supplier for your manufacturing needs – a $3500 value!


  • Open to any manufacturer from small to large
  • Complete the registration form (link below) between Oct 1-31 to qualify for the offer
  • The first 25 registrants across the country are guaranteed to receive the free services beginning in October. After that, the services will be provided on first-come-first-serve basis
  • The “Sourcing Services” normally costs $3500 but will be completely free to participants
  • Free 30 day use of the platform for all promo registrants
  • “Supplier Guarantee” – Free 1 year subscription of the platform if we can’t find a qualified supplier.


  • An assessment of your supplier needs by the CONNEX Marketplace team
  • Assistance with creating a post within the CONNEX Exchange Center detailing your supplier needs
  • Searching, finding and reaching out to matching qualified suppliers
  • Pre-screening of qualified respondent suppliers
  • Scheduling the interview between you and the supplier and preparing the supplier for proper presentation
  • Assisting with tracking, follow up and closing out the Exchange Center post

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