USA Supplier Sourcing Challenge

Are You Looking for a Hard-to-Find U.S. Manufacturing Supplier?

If We Can’t Find One, Your Subscription is Free!

CONNEX Marketplace is an online platform that connects all U.S. manufacturers and suppliers into a single, accurate, searchable supply-chain database. It’s not just another broker platform but a revolutionary new way for U.S. manufacturers & suppliers to find, be found, connect and contract directly with each other.

From now until Dec 31st, 2022, CONNEX Marketplace is offering a promotional challenge to all U.S. manufacturers who are searching for hard-to-find U.S. suppliers.  Because we are so confident in being able to find you a qualified U.S. supplier within our platform, we guarantee to find one or your subscription is free for an entire year!

That’s right, for manufacturers that post a manufacturing need into CONNEX, if we can’t find you a qualified U.S. supplier in the marketplace within the first 30 days, you’ll get a free 12-month subscription while we continue to search for your supplier!

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